Traditional wedding photography gives you still images that you can pass on from generation to generation, but a professional Utah wedding videographer can let you immerse yourself in your wedding and wedding reception over and over again in vivid, high quality video. My name is Rocco Ruggiero of Rocco Joseph Films and I help people capture and record memories so they can enjoy them for a lifetime. Utilizing the best digital film equipment and advanced videography and editing techniques, I can create a range of high quality digital videos to celebrate your marriage and your relationship.

Specializing in candid cinematic storytelling, my Utah wedding videography service can masterfully capture the little moments that make your wedding special. Instead of documenting your wedding from a few fixed points or from the outside looking in, I’ll actually embed myself into the occasion in order to capture your special day from all angles as it unfolds from the inside out. When the final guests have filed out of your reception, I’ll get to work editing your footage and preparing a digital video that you can share with your closest family and friends. As a professional Utah wedding videographer I stick to a clean and classic style that’s both family friendly and timeless.

In addition to filming your wedding day and reception, Rocco Joseph Films is a Utah wedding videographer that can also produce pre-wedding videos to display on loop for guests attending your reception. These looper reels are relatively quick to film and can instantly personalize any venue. For a more personal wedding day keepsake, many couples choose to produce a “Couple’s Story” video. The Couple’s Story is usually filmed somewhere special to the bride and groom and is a chance for the couple to share stories from their relationship up to the wedding. Couples often choose to share stories about how they first met, how he popped the question, when each one knew that they were in love, and the like.

As a Utah wedding videographer, I can honestly say that the Couple’s Story is one of my favorite types of videos to produce because you can practically see the love and excitement radiating from the couple as they get ever closer to their wedding day and reflect on the stories which brought them to that point.

I’ve had a passion for videography since I was a child, but it wasn’t until meeting and marrying my wife Rachelle that I decided to become a professional Utah wedding videographer full time. I love the fact that my job lets me meet new and interesting people on the happiest day of their lives and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else for a living. Rocco Joseph Films is a locally owned small business that I operate from the greater Salt Lake City area, but I’m available to film weddings anywhere in the world. To learn more about why I should be the top choice for your Utah wedding videographer, or to see samples of my work and the types of videos that I offer, visit my website today at