Maddie & Jordan | A Utah Wedding Video

Maddie and Jordan had a beautiful Utah wedding at the Salt Lake Temple and Grand America Hotel.  This is an example of a same day looper. We shot the first look a week before the wedding. This is a very short version of their day that is editing between the temple and reception. This is meant to be played on loop throughout the reception so guests that weren’t able to be at the temple can have a glimps of the day.

Photography: Lindsey Orton Photography

Flowers: Callie Rose

Dress: Alta Moda Bridal

Venue: Grand America Hotel

December 19, 2015

Andrea & Josh | Payson Utah Temple Highlight Video

Can you say AMAZING LIGHT!!! And an even more amazing couple!  Andrea and Josh were married in the Payson Utah Temple and held their reception in their backyard in Draper. This was the first wedding I filmed at the Payson Temple and loved it! Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to film more there. Enjoy!

August 8, 2015

Mariah & Porter | Salt Lake City Wedding Film

This is my second time filming a wedding for the McKinnon family. They are such a fun family and I can’t get enough of their positive personalities. Mariah and Porter aren’t afraid to be themselves and they shouldn’t be. They are one of the most fun couple’s I’ve gotten to work with. They seem to always be happy and it’s nearly impossible not to be happy with them. The just have one of those personalities that are contagious.

They were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple and held their reception at the chantilly mansion in Layton, Utah. There are so many things I loved about this wedding! First off they were married at the perfect time for amazing pictures and video (3:40 PM and they came out of the temple at 5:00 PM). The sun was low and provided the prettiest light. They wisely chose to have a pre-wedding shoot which allowed us to shoot at some spots we wouldn’t have time to on the wedding day itself. My favorite part was the cake, it seemed like they both had the same exact idea and both noticed each other plotting at the exact same time.

Their couple’s story was also so much fun to film. If you can’t get enough of this couple make sure you watch it!  Mariah & Porter’s Couple’s Story


August 1, 2015

Mariah and Porter | Mountain Couple’s Story

I remember planning Mariah and Porter’s couples story with them, deciding it would be in the mountains, that we would build a camp fire and roast marshmallows. It sounded like the perfect date with a lot of fun possibilities and then I remember Mariah calling and asking if they could bring their footsie pajamas and all I could think was, “I can’t wait to meet this couple”.  They are so comfortable with each other and aren’t afraid to have fun.

Mariah and Porter met on a blind date, so if you say they don’t work you’re wrong… I met my wife on a blind date actually. You can tell just in the first 20 seconds that these two can’t get enough of each other.

Things I love about this couple story:

Pineapply, tribal dances, he who should not be named, footsie pajamas, and this perfect couple!

August 1, 2015

Alexis & Jesse | A Timpanogos Temple Wedding Video

Alexis and Jesse had one of the best decorated cars this year. I have actually decided to write a separate blog post on why to have your bridesmaids decorate the car instead of your groomsmen because of how amazing theirs looked.  I won’t go off on that topic here but encourage you to read the blog later. These two were so fun and happy even though it was over 100 degrees on their wedding day. We really looked for anything shady we could find and maybe took a break or two. I was also able to work with Rachel with Luminosity Photography. She was very easy to work with and did a really great job with the photography. You’ll be able to see a link to her page below. I’ll stop writing and just let you watch the video.

Photography: Luminosity Photography

Venue: The Loft at Brick Canvas



June 26, 2015

Britni & Riley | Rustic Wedding

Britni and Riley have such a contagious happy in love personality. These two had their reception at The Barn at Linden Nursery. The barn has so much character and provides a great rustic wedding theme. My favorite thing among many was the sunset. The barn is located where there are no mountains blocking the horizon, so you’re able to get some amazing sunsets in the background. This made for some really really pretty light while Britni and Riley cut the cake and danced. This was my other favorite thing about this wedding. I had over 15 min of 3-4 second clips of dancing at the end of the night. This wedding had one of the best dance parties I’ve been to this year. The trick is to have good music, get all the groomsmen and bridesmaids to commit to dancing, and lead the way and have fun doing it! No one will dance if the bride and groom aren’t dancing. The more fun you make it look the more people will jump in and dance with you. See for yourself! Enjoy!



Photographer: Brooke Gibbons Photography

Dress: The Perfect Dress

Flowers: Skyline Flower – 801.466.8118

Venue: The Barn at Linden Nursery

June 23, 2015

Utah Wedding Videographer

Traditional wedding photography gives you still images that you can pass on from generation to generation, but a professional Utah wedding videographer can let you immerse yourself in your wedding and wedding reception over and over again in vivid, high quality video. My name is Rocco Ruggiero of Rocco Joseph Films and I help people capture and record memories so they can enjoy them for a lifetime. Utilizing the best digital film equipment and advanced videography and editing techniques, I can create a range of high quality digital videos to celebrate your marriage and your relationship.

Specializing in candid cinematic storytelling, my Utah wedding videography service can masterfully capture the little moments that make your wedding special. Instead of documenting your wedding from a few fixed points or from the outside looking in, I’ll actually embed myself into the occasion in order to capture your special day from all angles as it unfolds from the inside out. When the final guests have filed out of your reception, I’ll get to work editing your footage and preparing a digital video that you can share with your closest family and friends. As a professional Utah wedding videographer I stick to a clean and classic style that’s both family friendly and timeless.

In addition to filming your wedding day and reception, Rocco Joseph Films is a Utah wedding videographer that can also produce pre-wedding videos to display on loop for guests attending your reception. These looper reels are relatively quick to film and can instantly personalize any venue. For a more personal wedding day keepsake, many couples choose to produce a “Couple’s Story” video. The Couple’s Story is usually filmed somewhere special to the bride and groom and is a chance for the couple to share stories from their relationship up to the wedding. Couples often choose to share stories about how they first met, how he popped the question, when each one knew that they were in love, and the like.

As a Utah wedding videographer, I can honestly say that the Couple’s Story is one of my favorite types of videos to produce because you can practically see the love and excitement radiating from the couple as they get ever closer to their wedding day and reflect on the stories which brought them to that point.

I’ve had a passion for videography since I was a child, but it wasn’t until meeting and marrying my wife Rachelle that I decided to become a professional Utah wedding videographer full time. I love the fact that my job lets me meet new and interesting people on the happiest day of their lives and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else for a living. Rocco Joseph Films is a locally owned small business that I operate from the greater Salt Lake City area, but I’m available to film weddings anywhere in the world. To learn more about why I should be the top choice for your Utah wedding videographer, or to see samples of my work and the types of videos that I offer, visit my website today at

July 4, 2014