Alexis and Jesse had one of the best decorated cars this year. I have actually decided to write a separate blog post on why to have your bridesmaids decorate the car instead of your groomsmen because of how amazing theirs looked.  I won’t go off on that topic here but encourage you to read the blog later. These two were so fun and happy even though it was over 100 degrees on their wedding day. We really looked for anything shady we could find and maybe took a break or two. I was also able to work with Rachel with Luminosity Photography. She was very easy to work with and did a really great job with the photography. You’ll be able to see a link to her page below. I’ll stop writing and just let you watch the video.

Photography: Luminosity Photography

Venue: The Loft at Brick Canvas



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February 25, 2016
Its hard to not keep looking for more to watch.. Wish you lived in Florida buddy.. This nice work...

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